„Legenden aus der Frühzeit des japanischen Buddhismus“ – übersetzt von Hermann Bohner

日本霊異記 Nihon Ryōiki


„Legenden aus der Frühzeit des japanischen Buddhismus“


translated by Hermann Bohner (1884-1963)

en Abstract 

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The site you are currently viewing is entirely (with a few Kanji thrown in) in German. It is an online reproduction of Prof. Hermann Bohner’s 1934 translation of the Japanese book Nihon Ryōiki, originally written by the monk Kyōkai at the end of the Nara-Era (before 820), being the oldest piece of setsuwa literature surviving.
The title has been rendered into English as Miraculous stories from the Japanese Buddhist tradition – the Nihon ryōiki of the monk Kyōkai; by Nakamura Kyoko Motomochi. Her translation, when compared to Bohners’s has shortcomings. Parts of the text (unannotated) are available online at: nichirenscoffeehouse (Beware! Blinding webdesign!). The book was published in a first edition Cambridge 1973 (Harvard University Press), secondly Richmond (UK) 1997 (Curzon), 322 p., ISBN 0-7007-0449-3

For research on the Nihon Ryō-iki, even if you are not reading German, you might find the sections

quite useful. They are self-explanatory. For navigation use the menu on the left.
A truely complete bibliography (approx. 1250 titles) of Japanese texts has been compiled by Prof. M. Terakawa's formerly of Doshisha Women's College.